Middle School Athletics

Parents of Students attending APS 3-8 Online Program. Your 7th and 8th graders (6th graders for some schools) are eligible to participate in middle school sports. Your students can participate at their Home Schools. Please click here to see the cost, registration and physical forms and the dates for all sports seasons. For additional information, contact the Athletic Director of your student's home school.

Eligibility – All 7th & 8th grade students (in good standing)

Note: 6th graders (in good standing) can participate at some schools, please check with your home school’s Athletic Director.

Cost - $35 per sport - $70 individual maximum - $105 maximum per family

(Meaning – one student = pay for two sports, she or he can participate in a 3rd or 4th sport if eligible; if you have 2 or more students participating at one school, you will only have to pay $105 total in a school year).

Middle/P-8 Level:

Track - Starts August 10th and ends September 24th  

Wrestling - Starts September 26th and ends November 5th

Girls’ Soccer - Starts September 26th and ends November 5th  

Volleyball - Starts November 7th and ends January 21st

Boys’ Basketball - Starts January 23rd and ends March 4th 

Girls’ Swim - Starts February 7th and ends March 25th   

Girls’ Basketball - Starts March 21st and ends May 6th

Boys’ Soccer - Starts March 21st and ends May 6th

Broncos Futures Football - Starts March 21st and ends May 4th

**Dates may change, please contact your home school’s Athletic Director to verify dates**